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Teen Film-making for 2019 Swede Fest - Woodward Park

Have you heard of Swede Fest, the film festival for low-budget, 4 minute (or shorter) recreations of popular Hollywood movies and TV shows? It's held every winter at the Tower Theatre—and we'd love to see the creativity of our teen library visitors represented there!

Join us at Woodward Park Regional Library to learn how to create your very own "swede" and brainstorm or collaborate with others to make one to submit to the festival! During this first meeting, CMAC (https://cmac.tv/) will be on-site to introduce us to the genre and answer your questions.

We'll watch some examples of "sweded" films and focus on developing ideas for your project(s). In other, future meetings, we'll work on filming and editing.

This program is for ages 12-18


Wednesday, September 25, 2019
5:00pm - 7:00pm
WDWD Large Meeting Room
Woodward Park
  Middle School/High School  
  Performance Arts  

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